Amway NCA Guide App Promotion Video
리더십세미나를 위한 새로운 솔루션.
Amway NCA Guide App

한국 암웨이 ( Amway Korea )

My roll
Planning, Script, Storyboard, Design and animated, Directed.
Until now, NCA trip information was only available
Via brochures, maps, leaflets, and the website.
Now, imagine a tool that holds more informationthan paper
it is accessible even without an internetconnection,
 An interactive- Amway NCA Guide App
A new solution with powerful values.
 At less cost, the app offers more information
and program details faster than printed materials It keeps up-to-date as well.
personal calendars, the events, hotel information and maps are easily able to access.
That makes ABOs to get in all the convenience in NCA seminar.
Push notifications, real-time updates, photo sharing,SNS promotions, and surveys
 Are also allow you to communicate with ABOs.
NCA Guidebook,
a smart app delivering a rich NCA Experience.
 Amway NCA Guide
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