Have you heard about Docswave? It’s a Smart Wokrflow Service which can be work with Google Apps.
It’s a web based Workflow which user can log-in with google account to submit a new document. 
Then approver will get the notification through the email and it’s possible 
to leave a comment and approve the document.
When the final approver approve the document, a sender will receive a notification 
through email and document will be saved in google drive at the same time.
Because all the users receive a notification when a new thread comes up on the board, 
users are free to join the talk on the net and even on their business trip user can find 
the member on the Docswave to contact them.
This google based Workflow, Docswave is accessible anywhere with any device with the 
same security level with google and you can be backup your documents on google drive.
Experience Smart Workflow of Docswave.
Source Design
Software in life
Director - Jehee Won
Planning, Design, Sound, Animation, Directed

Thank you for watching :D
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